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Dear guest,

we are very pleased to welcome you to our hompage and our online - shop of Maltex Mate Tee. We totally overhauled this homepage. There have been two different homepages until recently: One homepage contained descriptions and information about our products (yerba mate, calebazas, bombillas, etc.), price lists, etc. and the other homepage was our online - shop. We put together these two homepages and overhauled all the contents.

We improved the pictures of the products, we deliver insight into the team of Maltex Mate Tee, we give product information, we introduce the company "Maltex Mate Tee", we have extended the product line and have improved the visual clarity being supported by photos of each product group. Nearly each product is explained appropriately on this homepage. You can see a lot of useful information about yerba mate, bombillas, calebazas, thermos flasks, etc which can be printed. Unfortunately, these descriptions are only available in German language for now.

We published all newspaper reports concerning our company. There have been reports from "Die Welt", "Bild", "taz", etc. We also documented all events of the last two years being carried out by us. We also give interesting insight into our retail store which has been operated in the years 2005 and 2006.

Having worked together with "Agenda Latina" the last few years, we will continue this cooperation. "Agenda Latina" was the first bilingual latino magazine which celebrated recently its 10 years existence. We enclose one magazine in each package we send out to our customers.

Please consider our consistent positive and outstanding estimations of ebay (username: Maltex-Mate-Tee).

In addition to this, we offer you to buy vouchers. The unique advantage for you to use the voucher is that you save 10% of the value of the voucher meaning that the value of the goods can be up to 10% higher than the value of the voucher itself. As the value of the voucher will never be reached exactly and as additional bank transfers are very disturbing, the value of the whole purchase can be up to 10% higher than the value of the voucher. If you buy, for example, a voucher for, say, 20 Euro, the buyer can buy goods with a total value of 22 Euro without having to transfer anything. You find under the menu point "Gutschein" under the rubric "information" some samples of vouchers without a value which can be easily printed. As not everybody has an appropriate printer to do that, we offer you a service which is totally free of charge: Write an e-mail with your address and the number of vouchers and which sample of the vouchers you would like to receive and we will send it to you in a DINA4 envolope so it has not to be folded.

Unfortunately, we cannot remove the transport costs with a value of 4 Euro out of the invoice if you only buy a voucher without any other product. So please ignore the transport costs of 4 Euro if you only buy a voucher without any other goods.

We do not have our own retail store since the beginning of 2007 but we would be very pleased to welcome you in our stock after having made an appointment with us. You can look at all our products and can, of course, buy all products directly in our stock.

We wish you much enjoyment on our homepage and will be at your disposal at any time.



Best regards and best wishes,
Malte Wölk and the team of Maltex Mate Tee



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cepellito para bombillas blanco
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yerba mate Rosamonte (1,0 kg)
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Quilmes 0,33l
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yerba mate Pajarito (1,0 kg)
7,49 EUR
Alfajores Havanna mixtas 12 pieces
15,99 EUR
yerba mate Selecta (1,0 kg)
5,99 EUR
yerba mate Amanda (1,0 kg)
7,99 EUR
bon o bon 1 piece 20g
0,39 EUR
Alfajor Havanna chocolate 50g
1,49 EUR
yerba mate Pajarito instant 75g
7,99 EUR
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